Friday, February 02, 2007

Architecture tour.

My friend the architecture girl called in sick.
Anyway, Norie, Hiro (her husband) and I woke up at 4, get out the door, and on a very early train. We then went to Tsukiji, which is fun, and saw the end of some smaller auctions on some not so smaller fish. Those suckers are HUGE!!! I then took them out to really good sushi. Then we walked around looking at all sorts of cool things, which I took tons of photos of, but I don't know which ones to put up, and don't really want to go throught the hassle of it right now. We saw: Tsukiji Honganji, The Dentsu building, walked around in St. Luke's hospital, looked over the city from the observatory at the top of St. Luke's, went and saw Nakagin, walked up and down Ginza and saw all sorts of other cool buildings. We went looking for this one photo gallery in Ginza, but we couldn't find it, so we went into another gallery and asked. This gallery had the first character of 'calligraphy' on it, and there was some really really cool calligraphy. There was also some nice photography. Oh, and the woman working there was GORGEOUS! We talked a little about calligraphy, a little about photography, and I got her card! I am going to go back later and see if I can talk with her some more. We then continued to walk around. We went to lunch, and then we went and saw Tokyo International Forum, the Nissay theater, and then we took a train. We went and saw St. Somebody's Cathedral, and then we went and saw the only remaining building designed my Frank Llyod Wright in Japan. We then went and ate dinner, and went home. All in all a great day, and the conversation was really really enjoyable.



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