Friday, February 02, 2007

For Barbara and all of my other librarian friends.

I would like to apologize. I posted a long time ago about a library post. I took pictures of libraries and went inside of libraries, but I never posted anything. I am sorry. I promise that in less than one weeks time, I will have pictures of at least one library, probably the International Children's Library, and hopefully more.

That is a promise.

I look forward to coming back (to the extent that I look forward to coming back at all) and helping out again in the kids library!



At 6:18 AM, Anonymous Cindy W. said...


Hey- No big deal if you run out of time for the Library Post. You can always come in to Children's at MCL and say hi- and show us photos! Thanks for thinking of us. - Cindy W. MCL - Chilren's Library.


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