Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just a little left!

I have 4 and a half days of school left. It is saturday afternoon, which means that I am done with school for this week. Nextweek's monday is a day off (not vacation, the schedule says 'study at home', like I'm gonna do that!) Then my last calligraphy class at school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday which has the national calligraphy exam in club, and then half day Saturday the 27th, which is my last day at Teikyo. Then I have a couple of days to pack up my shit and ship all the stuff that I don't need home, and then, I am free.
I would have thought that the last week would have been a blast, but, recently I have been feeling really down. Leaving school is going to make me even more lonely, and I just don't have any motivation to do anything. I was planning on travelling around Japan a little afterwords, but its like, wait, why would I do that?
For the last 10 months I have just been getting wound up (screwed) and I am really really really really really really close to cracking.

I really don't know what I'm doing with my life.


At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Nan said...

So, does this mean I get to visit you, too in April when I go to Morris? Gee, you could look forward to that! Riiiiiight. Maybe not. I could pester you in person!

Kisses, & congrats on being almost done conquering the Japanese school of torture.

At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,

Transitions are always stressful, no matter if they are happy or sad. The change of routine is what can be upsetting. Please be nice to yourself. What is your last day with your family, and where is your next night going to be? Can you check into the hotel where Alex Loewi stayed when he visited you? I would like you to have a "home" where you have the liberty to come and go as you please. The $200/week or so that they charged is not expensive.

We loved Japanese youth hostels. They are much cleaner and safer than European ones. I hope you will have some excellent trips to new venues outside Tokyo. Kanazawa, for example, was just beautiful, and we had the best noodle soup there. A women made the noodles and put them into her big boiling pot for us.

Stay calm. And yes, you would be in Morris when Nan comes to visit the second week of April.

Love you,



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