Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Its kinda depressing when you mother is the first (and practically only) person who posts on your blog. Sure my parents want to hear from me and want me to feel good, but I've never thought that a compliment or words of encouragement from parents mean very much.


At 3:07 AM, Anonymous Nan said...

Would you like some cheese with that whine? It can't be much better to have me posting. You might not know it's finals week here for your contemporaries. My student yesterday spent 40 min. of the hour pretty much crying or trying not to cry because she's totally overwhelmed, behind in her final projects, feels bad about her abilities, AND had a fight with her boyfriend(in Europe, but they had a phone tiff) and she's so busy she doesn't have time to call him & see how he's doing. Her folks are mad at her for being a slacker since she's behind. But she just got back from 3 weeks in Europe with said boyfriend & family. Never been out of the country before & went by herself to meet them all. She, and you, are over the top on stress points. Long ago, in the dark ages(when I was younger), "they" did some research & assigned points for life stressors. Too many points meant you could be at risk for all sorts of illnesses. Don't know if you'd heard of that? Change seems to be one of the major threads thru all those stressors. Death of loved one, graduation, moving, leaving a job, getting a new job....Even positive change had stress. Being hung like a horse, well, I'm not sure that's on the list. The folks who did better with the stuff? Those with a support system(duh) and other practical things like, riding your bike! Good haircuts can't hurt. Though I don't think I ever had a haircut in a foreign country I was happy with. Does bad hair make men depressed, too? I know I'm vain, 'cuz I do like hair compliments!
I'm sure your folks have a zillion photo connections. I know some very good ones here in PDX, and one of them, Julie Keefe, runs some sort of youth camp in central OR during the summer. Wonder if she needs an intern? She & hubby John Klicker are way old friends of my sister, and have shot for Willamette Week, the Skanner, blah, blah blah for years. Want her email to ask about it? julie@keefeklicker.com and see if they have a website? And more info than you wanted, my father. He was an art student with a BFA in Painting. He did book jackets forever. Before computers, someone had to do the whole thing, lettering included. I can spot his books just from the lettering on the book spines. And they aren't all the same font/style---there's just something about the lettering that says "Padre"(hey, we moved to Spain when I was 5/6 & I had been calling him Alan, but then I went native). Every now & then, some other calligrapher fools me, but my siblings say the same thing! He taught me calligraphy to get me out of his hair while he painted. And was annoyed when I got good faster than he did. But I don't paint! Enjoy being a well-rounded person. Many aren't, but your family excels at always being interesting and great to be around, and you are following in that tradition. Ok, one more thing. If I could send you a kitten in a basket, or a puppy to pet to cheer you up, well, I would. Do they have strays in Japan? Stray ANYTHING? Or is it all so orderly that they don't exist? Hmmmm. Gotta go cat sit my sister's beasts, hang in there(no pun intended),

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Dashiell said...

What you need is a Tanuki, so you can have balls to match that cock. Maybe this post shouldn't go here? Meh... sue me!

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Peter said...

what the hell kinda comment is that?

i will admit that nearly choked on the apple I was eating because I laughed so hard, but oh well

Ill work on it, thanks for the encouragement Dash!



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