Sunday, December 31, 2006

That was dumb.

15 minutes.
300 dollars.
-1 coats.
I was going to the dance girl's house for dinner yesterday, so I wanted something a little nicer (but mostly warmer!) than anything else I had, so I left my house with out a coat! I got to Shinjuku, which is where I change trains to get to her house, so that was where I was gonna look for a coat. And damn, did I look. Even if I had been smaller, all the coats that I thought looked really nice and warm, were too fucking expensive!!!!! This country blows. Anyway, got on the train, went to her station, met her, went to house, had dinner, came home, and was cold on the way back.
She has an older sister, and they were doing each other's hair, and so someone made a joke and then she did my hair. I need a haircut.

Now it is the 31st of December. I now have to spend 3 straight days with my host family, which is going to be miserable.
Today, we start by cleaning the house!!!!
God damnit.


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,

I will ask that you please be as helpful and thorough in your cleaning as possible. I'm sorry you didn't buy a coat because I don't like it when you're cold.

Love you, yr ma


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