Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Shall we dance?

Last night I got an email from a friend and she invited me to watch her dance competition.
So I went and watched her dance competition.

I have never seen so many crazy effeminate men in my life. And I felt really fat.

I wish I had brought my camera just to take pictures of the guys wearing more makeup than any women should ever use. In her life.

Then I went and hung out with a friend after her violin lesson. I met her for the first time at the Chris's bunkasai, but she has violin lessons in Ikebukoro! That means that she takes the train for over an hour each way for a lesson that is less than an hour!!!!!!!!!!! But there are all sorts of practice things, so she ends up playing like 5 or 6 hours.

And now it is raining really heavily.

I was planning on calling and wishing a Merry Christmas, but I forgot. sorry!



At 2:27 AM, Anonymous old fat dad said...

somehow I bet you are not fat! I know Mom and Alex sent a message yesterday, but I wanted you to know that we are here and fine and more snow is expected Thursday. we are driving a huge red 4wd pickup with four doors, great fun. grandpa is fine, sammy is really very hip and misses you, andy is pretty bad, it's pretty sad to see. not dying yet, by any means, but not well...what is up with that office you are going to visit, the registration office I sent the addresses and phone #s for? I'd sure love to know you were legal after school ends.

much love, your pa


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