Saturday, December 23, 2006


Just another one of those days I wish I'd brought my camera. I woke up about 10:30, which was nice, because for once, I didn't have bags under my eyes! I relaxed for a little bit, and about noon went and finally got on my bike, because the weather was absolutely amazing! I rode about 85 kilos, all the way to Tokyo Disneyland (which is actually in Urayasu, which is in Chiba, not Tokyo) and back. It was slow going, but I was glad to get out anyway. I was really really tired and was coming home, I was climbing this hill, and it was soooo slow, weaving back and forth, trying not to fall asleep.
And then, this little girl, maybe 3 or so, shouted the title of this post. Oniichan, ganbatte! Which means 'good luck older brother' I shouted thanks (arigatou!!) and sprinted to the top of the hill.

I wonder how Molly is doing in Belgium.


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