Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another day off.

I had the day off again today. I met the professor from the university for lunch and coffee, and we talked of this and that. Then I left, and went to a book store.
I got bored and went and bought a soccerball and played in the park by my house for a while.
Then I went to the last calligraphy lesson of the year. I really like calligraphy, all of my teachers and people who see my work really like it, but I think...
I think too much. Or at least thats what a lot of people say.

People say a lot of things.


Tomorrow is the last day of the term. I go to school just for the closing ceremony, buy my class was special classes next week. I plan on not going to a single one, and thus will be back at school around the 8th or 9th of January. Its kinda nice to have a break.



At 12:29 AM, Blogger yr ma said...

Hi Pio,

When do you go to Nikko? I hope that your trip will break up the days. So where is that 10 yr old boy from your neighborhood? You have a new soccer ball. Maybe you can make friends that way.



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