Tuesday, August 22, 2006

briif news update 2!

about 7 minutes left on the puter time! Alex has been taking a bunch of pictures, and I havent taken any. I havent had any time to run to a store to get the pictures on the camera to a cd, or even to buy a new memory card, which is a bummer, because we went to Kamakura yesterday. I had some exchange student thing going on there, and Alex just went to the sites. I only saw some, and not even the Daibutsu there. After my thing (promotion for a school I dont go to, but at least they paid for transportation) Alex and I ate dinner, and then went to the beach, which was fun, because it was the beach at about 8 at night in Japan. Came home super pooped and slept till about 10:30.
I have also decided to go into modern art, because we went to the Mori Art Museum at Roppongi hills, and that shit was really cool. and expensize! Thats a way to make money in this country. pity I have no art skills. Except for calligraphy, which I am really enjoying, but that is techniqually a language art. speaking of language arts, Alex was telling me about this thing at Stanford that sounded very interesting to me. It is called Symbolic Systems, or SymSys. No time to explain, but we talk alot about college for me and making the best out of Japan.

love to all



At 7:36 AM, Anonymous rloewi said...

If you want to see great modern art, especially sculpture, go to the Hakone Open-Air Museum, on the shore of Lake Hakone no doubt. I have a whole beautiful book of it given to me by the head of the Fuji-Sankei group, huge media firm. Enjoy and get lots of pix. Love from grandpa

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