Monday, August 07, 2006

Pirates of the Caribean, and a sortof date with a wacky Korean-Japanese friend!

Pirates 2 kinda sucked. It was pretty racist. Actually, the Japanese are two, when we were discussing come home from my race and getting to the firework show, I said that if I was late, I would just go straight to the show with my bike. My dad said that that was a bad idea. He said that there are a lot of foreigners in Japan (some of the worsd he used were Tou-nan, which means South East Asians) and that I should be really careful becuase they would steal my bike. thanks dad, really being good. Actually, no one in this country can ride my bike. One of messengers at the ride tried to ride it, and had about 50 people laughing for about 5 minutes as he tried to reach the pedals (and the handlebars) from the seat. Then he put his feet on the pedals, and the proper seat height would have been about the crossbar. He couldnt dismount so he ended up falling into a bush. but back to Pirates. It was really nice to sit in a cooled theater for a while, because it was really hot outside, then we had lunch and went to this big festival thing. By that time it wasnt so hot because the wind was blowing, and it was quite pleasant. He watched various dancing groups at this festival, ate various festival foods, and talked about being exchange students. It was only a sortof date, because she leaves for Canada on the 13th. She was teh girl who was teaching me korean, and I said to her in Japanese."can you introduce me to some of your korean friends? once you leave, who can teach me korean?" her response was in English (her english is pretty damn good) "my mother?" oh we laughed. That picture is of us stargazing on some stairs. We were waiting for some fireworks, but we were a day late (see previous post) her response (again, in English), "oops, I mistakes!" I would have fallen asleep on the stairs, because they were a pleasant warm, and the wind was a pleasant cool, but my host mom would have killed me, so we went home.

It is a really bummer to see all of the Japanese Exchange students leave. IT is also a bummer to see the other foreign exchange students come home. Damn you Anya, you owe me 1000yen!

I am off to do something.



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