Thursday, November 01, 2007


What on Earth am I doing?

Yesterday, I left work early (just before 7pm) to go to a party with my calligraphy teacher. That was kind of strange, being the youngest person by about 5 years (read: drinking party). I made it home around 1am, got up the next morning and went to work again. This week I get to start late (just after lunch), but today, I started working a little past one, and didn't get to finally leave the office until 11:30!

It is Halloween! I got invited to a party! I'm 18 fucking years old and I work 1o hours a day!

This isn't right. This can't be write. Something is terribly horribly wrong with my mind and body. They just don't match.

I would REALLY like to met someone with a more atypical life for them environment then me.


At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are very long hours. How long does it take you to get to work?

And how was the Halloween party? All Americans? No trick or treating in Japan, right?


At 9:16 AM, Blogger Peter said...

maybe 45 minutes from door to door.

i didnt go mom!!!! i was at work!!!


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