Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Sex Lives of Argentinians

Mom, on the Denver Airport: "Oh look! It's DisneyLand! On drugs."

The woman at United, to me, after I had just stood in a long line, and then as soon as I reached the front of it, that I needed to stand in another line: "Well, It's not like I can read minds!"

The flight to LA was uneventful, I think I slept, or maybe studied, probably both.

I had a couple of hours to kill in LAX, and my gate for departure was, at first, the same gate that I arrived in! But then it got moved two doors down.

I was going to eat at Wolfgang Puck Express, until I saw the sign on the wall that said "Foods that the State of California recognize as causing birth defects or cancer may be present here" Or something like that.

Anyway, I didn't eat there.

The flight to Narita was surprisingly nice, mom upgraded me to Economy Plus so that I could get an exit row (can you believe that they charge you extra for the exit row!?!?) and so I had like 5 feet of leg room and an aisle, which was really nice.

Unfortunately, the movies that they were showing were terrible, and I had trouble sleeping, so I spent most of my time preparing for the Japanese Exchange Exam, which I now feel pretty good about, just need to keep working on the math a little more.

I also talked at some length with two Argentinians, one of whom was a flight attendant. I went looking for water, and the two guys were talking, in both Spanish and English, and I just stood there and listened for a while, got my water, and listened some more, and then we all started chatting, and that took up most of the time. Every so often the flight attendant would have to run off to work, but when ever he came he would bring back little things and be like "this is what it is like to be in business class," and we got goody bags!

Went through immigration with no problem, got a one year entry permit(!!!) and made it back to the Fukuda's pretty easily.

I was crazy tired so I feel asleep around 8 with no dinner, and just woke up now about 6, and I am really hungry.

My whole body is sore, so the next couple of days, which are kinda busy with this and that, are going to be fun!


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