Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You heard it here first!

Common sense is avant garde.

So, today at work I finally got to build models, instead of bookcases, but come on, how many people in the world can say that they have organized the library of one of the best architects in the world? Not many.

Today, I got to work at 10, and left at 8. I ran two trips from the office to the store to get supplies, and spent a crazy long time trying to build this one model. I would tell you more about all of those, and also put pictures up, if I were allowed to take pictures of the models. Everything that gets done in the office is a secret, and pictures aren't allowed to be taken. I thought that was pretty interesting.

I was, however, very disappointed with the idea of what we were doing, due to the ridiculous amounts of styrofoam that we were using. That just reinforces my theory that architecture can NOT save the world. I asked one of the guys in the office, a foreigner (Cornell grad), if he thought that architecture could save the world, and as soon as I finished my sentence, his one word answer was out.


The construction process along uses more resources than the entire lifetime of the building. Co2, energy, etc. Sickening.

Both him and the other foreigner in the office (a German, works in the annex so I have met him once, but crazy smart) said that they didn't think architecture could save the world, but what could be done to slow the destruction of the earth was awareness.

When I asked what they wished they had studied in school now that they see what architecture has really become, one of them said Physics/BioChem and the other programming stuff. I can see how both of them could be very useful.

Physics/BioChem can be used to try and create better materials (materials engineering) and less terrible ways of construction.
Programming can be used to make better models on the computer which in turn causes less need for all of the styrofoam trash.

Common Sense is Avant Garde?

I don't really care for modern architecture. I like to look at it, but its not very useful. I really like Le Corbusier, and I guess I enjoy civil/urban/planning sort of things, trying to make things run better, and putting new cogs into a broken system.

SO! Stop building cool looking buildings (I like looking at them, though) and build something useful!

I go back to the office tomorrow at 10, its not like I have anything better to do.

Wait, I have the ACT on Saturday. Dammit, its not like I don't already have enough on plate, now I have to decide about college shit?

ps. I looked really awesome today, I wore a gray cardigan with a white shirt and a really nice blue/red tie. And jeans.
I got lots of compliments, just wish that the architectural profession left more time for human relationships!


At 5:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What interesting observations you are making in your new position. Germans tend to be very green, much more so than Americans. I'll bet the German intern/architect has notions of how to minimize the environmental impact of new construction. And aren't the Japanese way ahead of the Americans (and Chinese) when it comes to smart buildings? its some kind of progress.

I know you'll eat a good breakfast and get plenty of sleep before your test. Try not to ask WHY you're taking the test when you're actually taking it. Just focus on the problems...

love, yrma

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous ofd said...

pretty well nobody can say of their profession that it can change the world. not architecture, nor school teaching, nor being a lawyer or doctor, butcher or baker, candlestick maker, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief. the object is to not make the world worse. architecture can help _a_lot_. tons of ways. if building new is bad, reuse the old, that can still be architecture. but new buildings will get built no matter what, they always have, there is no backwards. too many people in the world for them not to want new buildings. how to build them best? that's the question.


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