Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Tokyo Designers Week sucked.

The theme this year, as it was last year, was something like "Love and Earth"

I spent a very little amount of time looking at the work of pros, and most of the time looking at the student works (but only the student only works, not the corporate sponsored student works), and still didn't like any of it.

Firstly, even if any of the ideas had been lovely and or Earth friendly (which I didn't see any that particularly were), I think that design for the sake of money defeats the purpose of Love and Earth.

Now, when I, an 18 year old with no design education, no experience, no nothing, says "I think", I highly doubt that anyone will pay any attention to me.

Well, Fuck them.

Design for the sake of money defeats the purpose.

I want to save the fucking world, and I don't give a damn what designers think about it.

What person in their right mind would, for the theme of "Love and Earth", build something out of wood?!?!?!

What needs to be done, is attention. People need to be aware of what is going on.

We need to redesign design.

You want to build a nice building, don't design a buiding, redesign architecture.

I don't know anything about graphics (yet?) so I will just post the words for a rubric that I am designing, this one is focusing on urban design.

Engineering Materials Earth Sciences
Architecture Environment Ecology
Art Humanity Life

Put each one of those into a cube, and you have a 3x3 box. A total of 14 (9 1x1, 4 2x2, 1 3x3) boxes. Each adjacent box relates to the ones on its' edges, and without anyone of them, your design isn't good.

You want to build a building? You have to have all of the walls.

You heard it here first people, Common Sense is Avant Garde!


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