Wednesday, May 02, 2007


After an interesting flight from Minneapolis to Portland via Phoenix ("We are going to be a little late leaving Phoenix here today, we can't find the pilot") I touched down in Portland 2 hours late. It felt good to be back. I took the MAX from the airport to the Seal's, where I am staying.
Today was pretty awesome. I got dressed in my Teikyo uniform, and went out. First, I went to saw all my old friends at the library, which has great, and then, I went to Lincoln (insert ominous music here).
It went amazingly well. I am still having trouble believing that it went to well. I got all of the credits that I had wanted to be transfered transfered without problems, and saw lots of people, which was fun.
At lunch, I was in the foyer at Lincoln, and there was a line for tickets for something. A bunch of people were like "Look, its Peter!" or "Peter! You are back" Things like that. I got some loud voices and some hugs, and I am standing in line chatting with a friend while all this is happening, and a woman, presumably the mother of a student, looks at me and says "Are you some kind of celebrity?"


After school I went to saw Mr. Halpern, which was...interesting, but not painful.

I went to Starbucks with Neal and Chris, and then walked up to PSU to see if I could meet some of the Japanese proffesors, but I couldn't, so I went the Bicycle Master Plan ride and met Roger, and we will talk about work later this week.

I then went down to Veloshop, which was fucking awesome. It was great to see Molly and the shop again, great to see that she is doing really well, and it was just plain awesome.

Went to Powells, saw one of my friends who sells Street Roots, and then went home.

Busy day.

Tomorrow will probably be pretty slow, which is nice.

I am going to sleep.



At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOUR GREATEST DENVER FAN CONTINUES TO ENJOY YOU BLOGS!so keep on sending them--i need all the cheery nes i can get!! and hope to see you at 215 beforee too long. much love


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