Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I had an eye exam yesterday. It was really weird. They dilated my pupils, and I got to wear these ugly sunglasses for the rest of the day. I also went to the chiropractor that day. I am working on my posture.

I woke up this morning, rode my bike for 2 hours, came home, shower, and went out again. I went to look for glasses. I am getting prescription reading glasses, because apparently I am far-sighted. That's funny, I always tried to think in the present.
I went and picked up 5 rolls of film that I had dropped off. I couple good ones, but nothing great. Having not taken a photo class since 7th grade at MLC (which almost doesn't count) that eye exam really gave me an eyes on experience of working with aperture. wow. bright.

Sat around the house for a while, didn't really do anything very exciting, which is almost to be expected. My mom got home, and then we went to look at glasses again. We just picked the frames, and they put in the lens that the prescription calls for. I wanted the Gucci rims, which was getting back at my mom for making me stay here for so long. Who pays $250 for Gucci rims?!?!?!?! I should get my glasses on Friday.

I might go riding tomorrow, or not, haven't decided yet. I will go rock climbing at the gym in the evening.

Thursday I go to the dentist. Maybe more training.

Friday is my 18th birthday. My family was out of town for my 16th birthday, and I had to make my own cake. I was in a really lousy situation in Tokyo for my 17th birthday, and now, I have to spend my 18th birthday in rural Minnesota.

I have a triathlon on Saturday. I am doing the cycling leg. 19 miles on the prairie. Kinda boring, really windy.

Sunday, I might try to leave. I should probably buy my ticket tonight.

I was watching Lost in Translation. I stopped about half way through. It means something so much different to me than I could possibly imagine that it would effect one of you. That is to say, watching after you spend a year alone in Tokyo is much different than watching it without that experience.


At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mind elaborating on what it was like to see that movie after being there for a year? I'm interested.


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