Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Tin Man Triathlon.

I did a triathlon relay today, which was pretty fun. It is apparently a fairly famous triathlon, or at least draws some pretty decent triathletes for early season stuff. I had met the swimmer on the team at least 5 times, but couldn't remember ever meeting the runner, so I was kinda wandering around thinking "How am I supposed to ask who this kid is?" Our swimmer is a fellow senior, and the runner was a freshman, and we did the co-ed relay.
It was a 1kish swim, 30k ride, and 10k run. She swam, I rode, and he ran.
According to the official clock I had the fastest bike leg, but on out computers my friend and local riding partner (age about 40) was faster.
It was for me to put on my Veloshop skinsuit and ride as fast as I could again.

My team won the co-ed relay event, and we also had the fastest overall time.

It was fun. I then went out to dinner with the family, and had a real brute-force Minnesota kind of dinner, with steak, prime rib, ribs, potato skins.

I felt better after the race.

I will probably drive down to the cities tomorrow, stay the night, and then, on Monday, I go back to Portland!


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