Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back Posts and Forgetting about What Happened.

I have forgotten lots of the things that went on, and so I obviously can't report on those, and those I do remember will probably have a very bad sense of time, but anyway.
Went and met the modeling people, long story short, didn't fit into the clothes, was kinda pissed, went and tried to meet my parents at the airport but was late, while they were early, woke up on the train in the middle of nowhere, hauled ass back to met them.
Fought with my family for little bits of the whole week, tried to see as many people as possible in a short amount of time, but that excludes my family, finished my packing, unfinished my packing, met some more people, refinished my packing, went with my family and the Fukuda's to Hakone, which was amazing, did some of this and that, and didn't want to spend anytime sleeping because I wanted to do a lot more stuff than I possibly could, might have won a bet, had a good bye party, left.

Deep Breath.

Something like that.

Anyway, I am rural Minnesota, and it is rather dull.


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