Saturday, April 21, 2007


I am not doing super well here. No routine and really nothing to do with all of the free time, as well as all sorts of other things that I can't really describe because I can't really make up excuses for lots of dumb shit have not really been easy to deal with. I will, however, be out of here in about 10 days. I plan on going back to Portland for like a week, just to get settled, possibly reenrolled in school, and then go visit my older brother at Stanford.

Tomorrow makes one month back in the states. Not a proud achievement. I have barely ridden 200 miles, and haven't written calligraphy in like 3 weeks.
Speaking of calligraphy:

I haven't worked on my zoo, and have just about given it up. I did check out a book out from the library on architecture, which is the textbook for PSU's ARC100 class.
Not that I can read, or anything, but its fun to look at the pictures. Last week in went to Denver for my uncle's funeral. While I was there, I saw the new Denver Art Museum. This very nice LOOKING Daniel Libeskind building, but it has all of these odd angles on the outside, which makes for odd angles on the inside, which makes for really claustrophobic, lousy display places.

Big waste of titanium, too.

I have one eye appointment, one chiropractic appointment, one dentistry appointment, and one triathlon, and then I am done here.



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