Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Logging in from the Apple store in Ginza.

I bought a oneday ticket for the subway thinking I was gonna get a lot of use out of it today, but I ended up going to this one gallery and talking with the girl who worked there for like 3 hours. And then I left without asking her to dinner! I don't think that I can go back very easily righ tnow and ask her for dinner, but I dont really know.
Anyway, I have been to some galleries and museums recently, and think that I really really really want to continue calligraphy, go to China, study there, but then I was at this calligraphy exhibit today, and found that I have a big problem with it all. As beautiful as it is, nobody can read it, and so all of the power of the words is lost. I will post later about not being able to read things, but that falls into things that I could have done while in the WYS program. I will have a big post like that soon, but right now I am deciding if I should go ask the girl to dinner, or go to a club again tonight.

There is nothing wrong with going to dinner with a women 8-9 years older than you.



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