Sunday, December 03, 2006

Days like this make me want to stay in Japan.

And I'm not really talking about what happened either. The weather was gorgeous (forgot my camera!), cold but not freezing (13 or so celcius), I met interesting people and eat tasty things.
First up was meeting a professor at Teikyo University (the university of my school, which is how we met). We were going to eat dinner last night in Ginza, but he had to change it to today, so we had lunch in Roppongi instead! For those of you who dont know, but of those places are very famous, and very famously expensive. I thought it was going to be a research type thing, but when I met him on the 51st floor of Morii Tower in Roppongi hills (the entrance to the Roppongi Hills Club!!) he was with his with, and we waited there a little bit for his son. We then didn't eat there, but eat at someother place in Roppongi Hills. It was not at all a work type conversation, but just pleasant famillial conversation, and a good meal too! From there, we split up, I took the train with his son (20 or so) and we talked all the way pretty much to my station, which was fun because he is actually on the same train line as me! I met my host family at the station and we walked to this ramen place which is my host dad's favorite. The walk through the lovely weather was amazing, and the park which we walked through was gorgeous! The park (Hikarigaoka koen) was actually where the US military families lived after the war. 50 years ago, that park was part of US. We then went to eat ramen, which was really good, then we topped it off with Haagen-Daz, which wasn't bad either! It was still really nice out so I decided to run back home and get my camera to take a bunch of pictures of the awesome park, but as I was running back home I bumped into some people who I will hang out with again. There were about a 6 guys on BMX bikes riding around this one part of the park, just laughing and smiling and being not very good, but very friendly, so when it looked like they were taking a break, I walked over and started talking to them. Very nice people, they are there every week, and invited me to ride any of the bikes, but they worded it a little differently. It was something along the lines of 'feel free to break any of these bikes except for that one.' So I rode around for a little bit, and they tought me to do some little things, and I rode off of their ramps. I will go back next week, unless the timing is off, because I have been invited to make mochi, but I dont know when that is over. I just had a tasty dinner at home, and my favorite TV show is on. It is about a 17 year old teppan style chef (plus shes cute!)


I also had fun after school yesterday hanging out with the kid who I like the most of the non-international course kids. He is my best friend in my own class, and is also basically the only person my host brother doesnt like.


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Dashiell said...

I think that post is one of the best you've ever done. Not really, but for me it's very exciting- talking to you these last few months, you've had a lot of downs and not too many ups, but this post made it seem like you've found a place, a "kawanakajima" so to speak, where you've started to make some good connections (albeit completely outside of your program's set course). I hope things are going well. Call me some time and give me an update on you-know-who. Gambatte!


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