Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am rich.

I would upload a picture of the 600 US dollars that I had, but I think this old computer would break. I got the money exchanged today, which is nice, because now I have some money to waste. And by waste, I mean I can't decide whether I should get a PSP or a DS. In other news, I think I will join the Calligraphy club, which meets on fridays. I want to join the Shogi club, but dont know when it meets.
One kinda fun thing. I met Dash and his parents and we hung for a little bit, and then we split up, and Dash and I went and did some fun things. At the station, I saw a guy who I took Japanese with at PSU. We exchanged emails, and then we got off the train. He is an exchange student at Waseda. He is the 4th person who I have run into on the streets that I have known. First, I saw a classmate of mine at the zoo, then I saw my old host brother at Ikebukuro, I later saw a kid who was a former exchange student through WYS and he was also a Teikyo student. He was the kid who showed me how to get to school from my old house. And now this guy from my Japanese class in the states. Not all of those were on the same day of course, but considering that the metro area has about 30 million people, that I have run into anyway is pretty amazing.

all for now.


ps, which should I get, the PSP or the DS lite?


At 3:47 AM, Blogger Molly Cameron said...

I've got my eye on the PSP. What is the DS?

At 4:56 AM, Anonymous The Stad said...

wait for the real deal and get a PS3. If you're in Japan, you'll have first dibs on the console.

But if you must...the PSP tops the DS in everything. Unless you're into touch pads, which the DS seems to brag about way too much (pda assistants have been using that type of technology for more nearly a decade), there's nothing special about it. Get your real japanese side on and get a PSP

Peace out.

At 5:26 AM, Blogger yr ma said...

Dear Pio,

Good news. Your ATM card is coming your way by Express mail. Guaranteed by Monday or earlier. So glad you got see Dash and visit. Glad you will join a club. Dad and alex and Jim Seal are heading east. Jim will join David on a cross-country bike ride.

love you, mom

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Scott from TX said...

Hey Peter, I thought I would drop and by and check out your blog... just go with the psp; the ps3 will likely bankrupt you... in any case its good to hear that you've been doing well. I hope the humidity hasn't been too hard on you... although the whole humid, tropical summer thing really sucks. Watch out for those mosquitoes... in any case, say hi to dash for me as well and remember to drink plenty of fluids :)

At 12:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey hey, it's really cool that you got to see Dash. Your hair looks good! There was this one soccer player on the Colbert Report about a week or so ago and he reminded Keith and I of you.

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