Thursday, June 01, 2006

just a quick post

Today was a half day at school because of some reason that I didnt hear. I think it was something like parent conferences because I saw a lot of adults at school. I was wandering the halls during my free period and one of the native English speakers saw me, and invited me into his class, and so I helped teach English to middle schoolers. About a minute before class ended, the teacher told the class that they could ask me any questions that they wanted. They only had time for two. First, did I have a girlfriend, second, how all am I. After school, I came home, ate lunch, and found out that I had a nose bleed. My dad the doc says it had to do with the heat. Oh yeah, it is about 30 C here, which is like 80 or so, so it is hot. After that, I rode the trains back to my old house, and rode my bike across town in the hot, busy Tokyo rodes. I had a blast. I rode about 25 kilometers, and loved every second of it. A quick note to all my cycling friends: NEVER EVER mix Gatorade and tea. It tastes really good for all of about 1 second. In the hopefully immortal words of my older brother, "it was good, but now it is inside me"


no, and 190 centimeters


At 1:08 AM, Blogger yr ma said...

Dear Peter,

Glad to hear that you found a way to get your bicycle, and that when you are bleeding, someone in your new house notices (if they're home.)

love you, mom

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Peter! This is Amy Wilson, from Lincoln. It's good to see you're doing well in Japan. I thought you might be interested to know, fellow trivia-lover as you are, that I was just voted Most Likely to Win Jeopardy!. Myself, and Eben Hoffer. Why he won over Keith I have no idea, but whatever! The trivia lives on in your absence.

Okay, I can understand people asking you how tall you are, but why do people ask you if you have a girlfriend? Is it just because they're hitting on you? If so, that is a hilarious way to go about it. I mean, seriously.

Take care!

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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