Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Japanese are decended from Mammoths?

My new host family gave me some of their old manga. The ones they gave me are all Doraemon, who is the famous blue time-travelling cat. Except, they arent your standard manga. I have one where Doraemon teaches you about Haiku, one where he teaches you about Kanji stroke order, some other various things, and my favorite: a two volume set of Japanese history. When Doraemon is explaining why they found fossils of mammoths in Japan, his friend thinks that the Japanese descended from them. Japanese little kids make me laugh. Take for example, where my new host family is. Right outside, there is a sort of park. It is actually just a big patch of gravel that would be a great place for fireworks/picnics in the summer, and there are always little kids playing ball there. I have since made friends with all of them by getting their ball out of the tree one day. That is about all the general news I can think of. Tomorrow is my big modelling day, not that I actually know what is going to happen, but itis fun to say that I am an international model.
Oh, really funny thing happened today. I told the native English teachers that if they ever needed a TA during one of my free periods, teaching would be much more enjoyable than sleeping on the couch in the English lounge (the couch isnt very comfy.) So, today, I helped one of them out in his class. It is just a small class that takes place in the lounge, and has 6 seniors in it. The exchange student and I always make fun of this teacher because we think that he is only in Japan for girls. So, today in class, he was asking "yes, no, or, information questions" Yes and no are fairly self explanatory. 'Or' questions are things like "would you rather do this or this" and Information questions are who/what/when/where/why/how questions. He chose one kid and asked him what he wanted to do. The kid said, unfortunately, "I want to sleep". The kids spent the next ten minutes or so asking things like, "Where do you want to sleep, why do you want to sleep, when do you want to sleep", and of course, because Jonathan (the teacher) just had to write in on the board, "who do you want to sleep with." I laughed pretty hard.
Sanford, good to hear from you, nice to hear you read the blog, any questions you would like to have answered? Amy, congrats on both graduating and the award, and I can't believe Keith didn't get the award as well.
All for now folks



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