Monday, August 13, 2007

Art and Me.

I used to think, mostly because everyone around me always told me so, that I was a creative and intelligent person. And yet, I am so conflicted over art, and it drives me mad. I can neither paint/draw/write/shoot anything that I like (creative), nor do I feel like I appreciate or understand lots of things that I look at (intelligence).
I watched the above movie trailer and was once again thrown into turmoil.

I have recently been laboring over where calligraphy falls into the art world. I used to love it because of words. I used to like words (another one of those intelligence things. just for the record, I have stoppen reading again. I am having lots or problems reading.) because of their potential power, and I felt that in calligraphy, there was no real use of the power of the words, and it was similar to a painting, just in the random(meaningless) shape of a word or words. What was the point of writing a large number of words in a very artistic way if nobody can read them? What is the difference between a character and a picture?

I never took an art class, in any of my schoolings, and it is one of the many things that I really regret. I keep trying to get much more involved in art, but have absolutely no experience, and that is a major drawback when you are trying to get into an art school.

I had a bunch of other things that I wanted to write about on this point, but I am not a very intelligent person and so not only did I not know how to properly display them (I can't write to save my life, another thing I regret), but I also forget them.

ps. to anyone who ever lied to me about how 'creative' or 'intelligent' I am, I won't say I hate you for it, but I greatly resent it. Please keep that in mind before you think of giving empty, lying, compliments.


At 8:45 AM, Anonymous opit said...

Have you ever seen a 'Mind Map'? What I'm referring to is a doodle where you organize your thoughts before writing : a bubble connecting ideas scribbled down so that you can organize your thoughts for an essay. Yep : that's what most writing is.
Learning skills and their lack tend to frustrate most of us. That's why many colleges, etc. have adult education components that include remedial study skills.


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