Friday, August 10, 2007

Harry Potter.

Today was all about Harry Potter. Not only did I see the latest movie, but I also finished the last book!

I was 10 years old when I first read the books, the point when Harry too, was 10. Throughout the series, I always felt a little connected just by the fact that we were the same age, and we were growing up together. I am mostly over that feeling having open my eyes to more of the world, but it was still fun to read the last book. Instead of paying 40 bucks for the UK edition, I spent 4 consecutive days going to my favorite bookstore, taking a copy off of the shelf and reading for several hours.
On the second day, I was sitting in the same chair reading the same book as the first day, I would take a break to watch the people around me reading, see what they were doing, seeing that they were reading. The girl sitting next to me, after a short conversation with her sister, turns to me and says in English "My sister says that you were sitting in the same chair reading the same book yesterday, too." To which I responded with a simple "yup." And that is how I met Jaemin and her sister. Her sister lives in Japan (they are Korean, I could tell without them needing to tell me, which, as always happens, they did) and Jaemin was just visiting. She had studied in America for a year, and spoke pretty decent English from, an, art student at some Korean National Art School. We chatted for a while, went out for coffee, hung out, met her sister and some of her friends for dinner, and we might hang out again. Even if we dont, I love change meetings like that, and wish that they would happen more often.

Side note: on Thursday, I had a lesson from a teacher, who I really like, like his work, like the things we talked about after the class, liked the class, liked his manner, I think I will ask him to sponsor my visa. Only problem is that he is only 23, and I don't know if that will be OK. By the way, he has been doing calligraphy for the past 20 years (since he was 3) so at least he knows what he is doing. I really enjoyed talking with him, but had some other things going on in my head at that time, so I couldn't ask him at that moment.

Back to Harry. I finished the book, which I thought was OK, I felt a little disappointing, but mostly a decent finish to a decent series.

Then I say the movie with a friend. The movie was also decent, but definately not great. I liked a lot of the spell effects, but not the 'lets-play-catch' kind of feel that came whenever they cast the spells. I liked the Deatheaters masks' (never say the 4th movie so hadnt seen them before) and really liked the Department of Secrets, both the black walls and the prophecy room. I thought the main hall at the ministry with the big poster of the Minister was pretty sweet.

All in all, at least half decent.


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