Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fireworks and other explosions.

Ok, so these are some funky pictures that I took at the fireworks last night, not sure how it actually happened, but some of them are pretty cool looking. The Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai (Sumida river fireworks event-thing) is big. There were 10,000 blasts!

The group photo is, from right to left, back to front: Sasha, I classmate of mine from Lincoln, me, Larry Kominz's (a teacher of mine at PSU! and fairly famous person concerning Japan) daughter, who is friends with Sasha's little sister, who is the last person in the top row. The two girls in the front we ran into completely randomly there at the fireworks show, but there were friends of mine from Teikyo! They are a year older than me and are now first year students at university.

Today I went out and bought a book about the exam that I have to take in November, the exchange student one, and my jaw dropped. I'm not screwed, I am triple 'b'ed. Boned Beyond Belief. How the fuck am I supposed to know what the 26th country was to join the European Union, and WHY IS THAT NECESSARY TO GET INTO AN ART SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!??????

I also got the wrong book, I got last year's test, and I just wanted something that would walk me through the kind of problems there would be!
also known as not good.


At 4:54 AM, Anonymous old fat dad said...

great pictures, both fireworks (remember that Koko the gorilla is really Hanabi-Ko, because born on the fourth of July, I think?) and people. Don't worry about the European Union, I guarantee that nobody else knows that, _nobody_. Use your smarts, and guess that such high number must mean somewhere in eastern europe (since western europe was in long since) like Bulgaria or Romania? maybe Turkey is next, but not in yet...not many countries in europe left that aren't in. send a mail sometime, eh? what can we do for the visa app?


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