Monday, October 09, 2006

Not looking good.

My Bunkasai is over, and it went pretty terribly. It wasn't nearly as relaxing as it should have been. I came home from it, and went for a really long walk after dinner. The mother in my host family (I dont know why she left the house, but she was out) found me sitting on some stairs near the house. She had seen that I wasnt in a very good mood at home, and she started asking me about it there. We argued/fought for well over 2 hours and it didnt go well. She keeps blaming me for all of my problems. I try to explain about the whole culture/river thing and she kept saying that I was just using the same arguement over and over and over again.
She told me that she thought that maybe I should go back to the states.

How ever my relationship with that family ends, I doubt it will be good.

I am really fucking stressed out.



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