Sunday, September 24, 2006

The 6 month post.

6 months from less than an hour from now, I will have been in the country exactly 6 months. I have decided to celebrate by going for a bike ride in the lovely weather. I will ride for an hour of two, come home, shower, and go to dinner at the Fukuda's. Thanks to Mom and Julie for getting that sorted out.
Dinner sounds うまい (umai, means delicious)! here is an excerpt from the email I recieved this morning: "I would be cooking Japanese squash, steamed, mashed, mixed with other chopped vegetables and nuts, flavored with a bit of curry, olive oil, garlic and a few herbs, packed back into its skin and baked. There will be broiled salmon, fresh salad, assortment of bread, with Seed's chocolate and fresh fruits as dessert."

oh damn!



At 9:38 AM, Blogger yr ma said...


"i" before "e" except after 'c." Receive. Write it ten times (in English.)

love, mom


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