Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And I thought bikes were expensive!

Well, they are. But, my latest hobby is also very expensive. It isnt yet, but it should could be!
Today, in calligraphy, my teacher had just recieved a bunch of old brushes from a woman at a Japanese traditional arts school who didn't write anymore. I asked him about all the different brushes and what made one more expensive than another. My brush was given to be my the teacher, but would have cost 1200yen, which is just over 10 bucks. The ones he usually uses he said are about 3000-4000 yen. Today, he let me use a 6000 yen brush! The differences were astounding. It was so much more fun and easier to write with this brush then with the one that I have! I asked him how much they get up to. They get up there. He said he was never purchased a brush over about 8000 yen at full price (teacher discount) but today, we was searching through the box (!) of brushes he had recieved, and he pulled one out and showed it to me. The hair is from a rare breed of wild horse, and is very hard, which would make writing with it really weird, because the strands didn't bend very well.

The price? 35,000 yen, just over 300 bucks!


While I was writing, he was taking care of some brushes. He had a special comb and was combing the brushes! By comparisons sake, I dont even comb my hair!


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