Monday, September 11, 2006

Karaoke. Or, how/why I learned to read Japanese.

I went to Karaoke after school with some friends about 2 weeks ago, and only now have remember to post about it! In karaoke, only the music plays, and on the screen are all the words, which you have to sing. I can, of course, do the English songs (they have oodles and oodles and oodles of song! Chris, any guesses on the numbers?) but I wanted to sing in Japanese. It got hard for me because the song I chose was faster than I could read, and so I figure that karaoke will be a great way to improve my reading skills! The pity is I don't know a lot of music, so I dont know a lot of the songs go, so I cant really sing them very well.

In the above picture, one of my friends (white shirt) is singing, and a third year(a year older than us), who is really nice, is taking his clothes off.

Oh you wacky Japanese!



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