Monday, September 11, 2006

Bunkasai (文化祭)

Bunkasai means cultural festival, and most schools have them. Last weekend, my family went to my little brother's school festival. I don't really know how to describe it, but there was food and fun and games. My family (mom, dad, brother, and granddad) kept making fun of me because my little brother goes to an all boys school, and I was disappointed that there werent many girls there, because according to a source who shall remain a secret, bunkasai are great places to meet people. On the way back, we had a fun conversation about the national pasttime of the youth which is, I shit you not, picking up chicks. We were talking and laughing about it for a while, and me, being my fun self kept saying that it was a great way to improve my Japanese! My mom finally said to me, "Well, if you want to go and try, its fine by me. But be careful of the weird ones!" We laughed at that one!

The above picture is of my brothers school and their mascot(?) Josai is the name of the school, and it is in Kawagoe.


The bunkasai was fun, and because of our conversation, I am going to go looking for lots of bunkasai so that I can meet new people!


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