Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup fever!

I, like most of the country, am in soccer mode right now. Even though Japan (and American, but nobody really likes them anyway) lost, I still try to watch about the first half or so of the match when it is on TV at night. I play (or try to) soccer at lunch sometimes with some kids who are really really good. I dont do much, they just make me look dumb. Ever gotten beat by some kids like 3 years younger than you? It hurts! But, I am big, so if I can get towards the guy with the ball, I can occaisonally get it from him. I went to a soccer store today to see about getting some shoes, but my feet are too big. Speciality shop my ass! Anyway, I am leaving in about 30 minutes to go help coach young kids, which ought to be fun, until I find out that they are better than me. At least I get to wear my Atletico jersey!

For those who care, I am predicting Argentina beats Brazil in the final 2-1, with no overtime.


ps, if anyone wants a Japanese soccer jersey, let me know, and I might be able to hook you up.


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