Friday, June 23, 2006


I left school late today. I left about 6, but I had a good reason. I finally joined a club! Shodo-bu (Calligraphy club) meets every friday after school. It was really hard today. We did these large characters, which is much more difficult than the little ones that I had been starting to get used to, but it was totally a blast and one of my middle school friends is in it. She is nuts. She and two of her friends didn't know my name, so they started called me BlueEyes San, and they began Megane (eyeglasses) 1, Megane 2, and Mask. The middle schoolers are usually much more interesting, which seems rather counter intuitive, because you would think that high schoolers would know more, but the high schoolers dont usually talk very much.
However, three more exchange students came back over the last two days, and they are all very cool. A guy went to Kentucky, a guy went to some place in Scotland, and a girl went to someplace outside of London. The exchange students are lots of fun to talk to, and if I can't say everything in Japanese, their English is really good. I feel that my Japanese is pretty good, and it will get better since I rejoined the two Japanese classes (old japanese, and a modern something class) it should start getting alot better. I hope. I had a fun experience in the the old Japanese class. The teacher made a really bad pun, in Japanese, and I understood it!

Hot Shit!


should I get the PSP? really?


At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo peter! What's a PSP? I'm a dumb musician(surprise) & don't know these things. Konichiwa!


At 5:02 PM, Blogger Peter said...

PSP stands for play station portable, and is the latest generation in handhand game consoles. a bunch of my friends in japan have it, and it looks really sweet.


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