Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Saiaku! 最悪

I hate exams. I hate exams. I hate exams. Especially when you can't read them. I had to sit through an hour of math exams (complex vector stuff, couldn't do very well), biology (no idea what it was about, didn't understand anything), and then geography, where I was just told to write about Japanese classes. In my essay I hinted fairly heavily that I don't like being in the math and science course, because I am completely sick of numbers. I want to switch into the international course, where I have something to talk about with all of the other kids, because they were all exchange students. Speaking of exchange students, another girl came back today, she was in, of all places, Mollala, Oregon. Needless to say she was pretty shocked when I told her that I was from Portland. She then commented on my Japanese, which is rather interesting. I know that my Japanese has gotten better, but I feel as if it has gotten worse because I am using a dictionary more. However, the works I look up are much more complex. I used the dictionary quite alot when I was trying to explain to my host mother why she needed to stop treating me like her 13 year old son, and starting trusting me like that adult that I am (for starters, how about getting rid of the ridiculous 7:30 curfew.)
I never really realized how many people notice me at school, but now that I cut my hair (see a post further down), everyone is walking by me in the hall and saying, whether in Japanese, English, or both, "Oh, hair cut!" I wish they had taken a little bit more off the top, but I like it, but whether any cute girls like it or not is more important.

oh yeah, Saiaku. The charaters mean extreme bad. Sai (pronounced sci, as in science) means extreme (that is the first charater), and the second charater aku (pronounced like something I dont really know how to explain) means evil, or bad. The way it is usually said makes it sound like Sciyaku. Or something like that.



At 5:59 PM, Blogger MasterTaco said...

Haha, now you realize how much emphasis Japanese place on their hair. ^^ I had about 60 people say something to me when I first changed my hair.
I acctually went to an elementary school, that I had gone to 6 months and the 12 year old kids were even like "Hey! you changed your hair!" It's really funny ^_^

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