Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh the wonders of technology.

We got out exams back today, which ment that most of the classes were about half as long as usual, as the teacher wouldnt teach, just hand back the exams, go over them, get bored, and then leave. That gave us a lot of freetime. At one point during this time, I looked over at two of my friends to see what they were doing. They had their bags on their laps and had their hands in the bag, which means that they were using their cellphones. You arent allowed to bring your phone to school, but everyone does, but hides them. I walked over to them to see what they were doing. And what were they doing? Watching porn on their cellphones! It was hilarious.

In other news, has anyone been keeping up with the Operation Puerto affair?

Basso, Mancebo, Ullrich, Sevilla out? This is phenomanal (sp?) and also really ridiculous. Anybody remember Festina back in 98? The age of Lance came from that, so lets see what happens with this, but lets hope those guy can get back in it, so that we can have an exciting tour.


ps. anyone know where I can watch the tour in Japan?


At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,Peter.I'm Naomi.
Bicycle races aren't popular.(*_*)You don't like watching "keirin"?

This is a site of bikes. But the page is all written in Japanese.OK?


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