Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I went to back to school today. I waited until nobody was in the main courtyard area, and then ran for the entrance, making sure to use the stairs, which is shortcut. I then ran straight for the nurse's office, because she is a close friend. She was kind enough to get me a visitor pass, which I was nervous about. ]I then saw some of the English teachers, saw a bunch of kids who are sorta screamed my name, which ruined my stealth plan. I saw most of the kids I wanted to see, really none of the ones I didn't want to see, saw most of the teachers I wanted to see, except for two, who I will go back and see on Saturday, and saw my old homeroom teacher, who helped ruin my time there last time, and I really grinned and bared that one, and he seemed impressed with what I was saying.

Left, mostly painlessly, but still some people I wanna see.


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