Friday, June 22, 2007

Picture Pusher!!!!

1) My new bike, Clifford the Big Red Bike, along the banks of the Arakawa, a major part of my Japan.

2) Some of my recent calligraphy, which I did 'dokugaku' which means independent learning, and refers to having no teacher!

3) The first picture I took when I got back to Japan. Just some guy asleep in a park.

4) This was at the Seattle Airport. Destination: unknown, Flyer: US Military, Gate: blank.

5) My welcome back/graduation/good bye party. Left to Right: Dash, Orna, Chris, Aaron.

6) Mr. Millar being the first to congratulate me on graduating from high school!


At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Nan said...

Major congrats on the graduation. And a truly sculptural beauty in red, Clifford. Really. What brand is it? It's lovely. How you gonna post your zoo plans so we can all see them when done?
Curiously yours,


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