Monday, July 02, 2007

July 1

I went to the park today. I will post some pictures of my adventures tomorrow. I hurt my back because I rented a rowboat and rowed about in the pond for a while. That is a lot harder than it looks!
Sunday night means big dinner at the Fukudas. I got to see Norie again, which is fun, we chatted for a while, and I plan to spend more time with her and Hiro this summer. I also met a nice Chinese woman, who I will also keep in touch with, and want to have my little brother email her son, who is the same age, and in a similarily difficult position.
Norie gave me a book of 20th century Japanese architecture and two tickets to a LeCorbusier show at a big art museum in Tokyo. Maybe I should find some cute architecture girl to go with me?

All sorts of strange architecture stuff is happening, though maybe all deadends?

ps. I hate beaurocracies, and especially ones involving immigration. More later?


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