Thursday, June 21, 2007

The First Sun Burn of Summer.

I rode my bike for a long time today. I rode out to Koganei-koen, which is near where I used to live, and went to the Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, which is a bunch of buildings that have been donated and then moved to this park. I spent a lot of time riding, which felt amazing on a day like today, and even more time outdoors, which accounts for the sun burn. Gotta work on stop sucking at getting sun burned.

I will post some pictures later this week of all sorts of cool things.

I got a cool idea for my zoo from the museum, too! It wasn't actually from the open air part of the museum, but the indoor archeological section. A zoo with subtle references to Frank Lloyd Wright and ancient Japanese pit dwellings?

What will I think of next?


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