Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sore Loser.

I did another messenger race today. First I rode the long way to the start, then I raced my ass off, then I did I second race, and then I rode home. I hurt really really badly.
We had two hours to collect as many stamps from Yamanote Line stations as we could, which was pretty hard, because we had to get off of our bikes and run around the stations looking for them as well!
I am out of shape. However, I know my way around Tokyo pretty damn well!

The main race was kinda sad for me, because I worked my ass off, worked with this one guy the whole time, and we got 14 stamps, which would have put us tied for like 6th place. But, we missed the deadline. I was 2 fucking minutes late. There was this point, with 25 minutes left, to either get to the goal, or try to do one more, and we could see the station from out current location, it was just a ways off. My legs started cramping up sprinting towards the park where the goal was, and I knew that I was pretty fucked. I was, of course, the youngest competitor, which makes me a little proud of myself now that I know that I am pretty strong, if at least only in a directional sense.

Really makes me want to take the job.

The second race the 'double dash' was a quick sprint down from the goal to this bike shop, and we were supposed to find a guy in the park outside of the bikeshop, get an egg from him, and take it back to the goal without braking the egg. I think I took about 10th in that.

There is another race on the 9th, which I will do.



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