Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shit Happens.

I tried to load some pictures the other day, but something was weird, and I ended up not doing it. Oh well, I will try again later.

Other shit?

After spending most of yesterday distributing CDs for my producer job (actually, I just translate for these two guys that I met on the street a couple weeks ago. They were looking at a map, and I asked them if they were looking for something, and it kinda goes downhill from there), I decided that I would go looking for a bar or club or something to do to waste away my friday evening. I don't really know how to choose were to go, so I was just wandering around in Ebisu (just south of Shibya, home of the beer Yebisu, and the jeans Evisu) and I came across a bar.
What was outside the bar? Bikes.
Who was inside the bar (and outside too)? Messengers.

I had run across a bar frequented by bike messengers! I recognized some of the guys from the race I did over the summer, and we chatted for a long time, and met some cool new people, and heard about somemore races that I will do!

I am talking to this one guy, when all of a sudden, he asks: can you read Japanese?
me: yes
him: there is a guy coming who you should talk to.
me: ok, why
him: just do, he is a cool guy.

little later, this guy shows up, and I get introduced to him. I got a business card, and I go to meet them on monday.

They were hinting about a job.

But this becomes a problem. I could probably make it ok to start after I turn 18 and get a working visa, but, it doesn't really change the fact that I had kinda sorta planned to go back and finish high school, start chinese, and teach English in China like Alex, but I here I pretty much get offered a job just by walking into a bar.

I know it has always been a dream of mine to be a bike messenger, and I think it would be amazing to do it in Japan, which I had always really enjoyed (until my little stint in high school), but now I am meeting the people I want to meet, doing the things I want to do, creating relationships that I think I want to have last. However, I am a highschool dropout, and if the messenger thing falls through, I don't really have anything.

But wouldn't it be good to live a dream at least once in your life? I had a lot of problems here up until now, but I think I finally found something that I want to make happen, and it is highly possible!

I don't know what will happen on Monday, but...


At 4:02 PM, Blogger nan said...

So this guy walks into a bar....


At 5:10 AM, Blogger Dashiell said...

I wonder if there's a bar frequented by cartoonists?


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