Saturday, November 04, 2006


I skipped school today, and it felt great! I kicked back in the morning, and then went to meet Hidetoshi and we went to Waseda's bunkasai. It was mobbed! We walked around and saw stuff and ate stuff for asbout 2 hours, and then he had to go. I stayed for a bit longer, and went over to the other campus, where there was some art stuff that I wanted to see. I saw the calligraphy, which was fun, and then I went to a thing exchange and tried to teach the people english in exchange for a scarf, but the scarf wasn't very nice, so I left. I then went to the art space and that was fun. There were three guys sitting on the floor, chatting, eating, reading, whatevering, with a sign that said "please become a friend" and "please say something" So, I said something, and we started talking. I will go to meet them tonight, because that is what they do. Every saturday night at the east exit of Ikebukuro station, they sit, eat, chat and try to get people to sit, eat, and chat with them! Which, is exactly what I need, people to talk to.

On my way home, my phone rang, and it was the professor from Teikyo University! We told said that the professor he wanted to introduce me to would be coming in soon, and asked if I would please come to their office. I hella hurried there, and met the teacher, and we talked for over an hour, and it was great. Her speciality is teaching Japanese to foreigners. She teachs how to learn Japanese. He chatted about this and that, and she is going to introduce me to some students, which will nice. We were chatting, and somehow (as can be the case with me) we started talking bikes. But, she could talk bikes too! She lives in Tachikawa, a very short distance from the Keirin track, and goes occaisionally!! We talked bike racing and horse racing for a little bit!

I am gonna go Cycle Mode International 2006 tomorrow.


fun news: Myspace released MyspaceJapan which might be nice because I might be able to meet some Japanese highschoolers that way, but what is bad for me, is that it detected that I am in Japan, so it turned my page into Japanese! So now, all of the controls of Myspace and Blogger are in Japanese. At least I know how to blog in Japanese!


At 12:37 AM, Blogger MasterTaco said...

Haha, sounds quite awesome! ^_^ I've heard big Japanese uni Bunkasai's are awesome :)
Wait, they came out with a Japanese myspace? What is the URL? ^^
But ya..dunno if it'll be able to beat off Mixi, which is just really entrenched o.O

At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Nan said...

No frickin' way. So you are now blogging in Japanese, & it's translating back for me into English? This could explain why your syntax has become interesting. I thought it was a lingering side-effect of all the coffee to drank to & from Nara!



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