Saturday, November 04, 2006


Most of the times are true.
4:00 wake up, get dressed eat
4:35 leave the house
4:50 train 1 (17 minutes)
5:17 train 2 (22 minutes)
5:39 arrive at Tokyo station, run for the Shinkansen, no seats on the first train, wait
6:05 train 3 (shinkansen 1, 142 minutes)
8:27 arrive in Kyoto station, change to the Nara line
8:35 must not sleep! can coffee 1 (Roots Inspiration)
8:50 train 4 (43 minutes)
9:33 arrive in Nara! walk to the national museum
10:00 arrive at the Nara National Museum
10:01 the guard where the line is for people with tickets
10:01.5 "over there, but it will take about 3 hours"
10:03 pick jaw off ground, go to the end of the line
10:08 reach the end of the line
11:ish get in the museum! get the English head set, begin!!!!!!
Walk about the museum see the 1250+ year old national treasures.
1:ish museum gift shop! I wish I had brought more money (T-T) Get the English version and the Japanese version of the catalog.
wander around Nara for a couple hours and see: the real Shosoin, various other temples, Kofukuji, the mauseleum where the dude who got Shosoin erected for him is. While I was there, I asked these two older women a question "So, this is the mauseleum of Syomu Tennou, right, the same Syomu Tennou of Shosoin fame, right?" "yes" "So, if you compare the two, what happened? Did he like run out of money of something? I want to be dead in nature too, but this is kinda anticlimactic." Talked and walked with these two women for an hour or so, we got some Nara speciality foods, then they went home. I walked slowly back to the station, stopped in a couple of calligraphy stores, get to Nara station.
train 5 (43 minutes)
get to Kyoto, spend a little bit of time wandering around the station area, go to starbucks, get a milkshake with a shot of espresso, sit next to a beautiful young lady and chatted with her for a little bit, wish I had asked her to show me around, because I still had over an hour before my train (T-T)
7:15ish, go back to the station, get to the Shinkansen boarding area, get some stuff for the train, a bottle of tea, gum, and some coffee
7:25 must not sleep! can coffee 2 (Boss W.E.B.)
7:46 train 6 (shikansen 2, 140 minutes)
on the train, must not sleep! can coffee 3 (Georgia Deepresso, Best. Name. Ever.)
10:06 arrive again in Tokyo
10:17 train 7
What do you mean it doesn't go all the way? Damn, wrong train.
10:30 train 8
10:39 arrive in Ikebukuro
10:40 train 9
10:51 reach my station
10:59 arrive home! before my curfew too! but we wont talk about rules
Can not sleep! too much bad coffee (T-T)
work on Halpern papers
1:30 sleep

Can you beat it?



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That is F-ing insane dude o.O


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