Monday, May 08, 2006


I am pissed. I really cant wait until I get a new host family. Sure I am used to the area, have made some friends with my various neighbors, shops, and such, but I am pissed at my family. I really like my brother for the whole 5 minutes a week that I see him, but my host mom is driving me crazy. My mom sent me a package before my birthday, and on the 30th of april, the post office delivered it. no one was home, so they places a message of nondelivery in the mail box. But, my mom never checks the mail box, so I didnt find that the box had arrived until the 7th of may. thanks mom, both, though for different reasons. well, now i have my new tires and tubes, thanks molly. other pissed thing. my mom is always complaining about money, so I was wondering why she has an exchange student. well, i found out, and well damn if it doesnt piss me off. she does this annoying thing of ruining a perfectly good japanese sentence by throwing in an english word. here is an example:
the word for to put in is hairu, but she says in suru. suru means to do.
the word for to go is iku, but she says go suru.
I finally asked why she did that. she said that she wanted to practice her english. I asked her kindly if she would speak in japanese only. she said no, she wanted to practice her english, that was why she took an exchange student. WHAT THE FUCK! the whole purpose of an exchange student is for the student to learn the foreign language. my program is always discouraging using english, and here my host mother is wanting to practice her english. that pisses me off. I almost lost my temper when she said taht, but realized that I still have a couple weeks with them, and dont want to have to make my own food and stuff for that time, so I just left the room slowly.

also, sorry about the capitalized f-word, but it is the best word for that situation.



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