Friday, May 05, 2006


couple bum things
1) it is hot outside
2) I got the CDs made yesterday, but the movies werent on them. the movies were pretty dull anyway, but at least the pictures are 3 meg a piece.
3) i renewed my trainpass a day early and by doing so I lost use of it for the day, which means I will have to spend the 3 bucks to get into tokyo, but at least once I get there I am meeting Hidetoshi, who is an old friend, and we will show me what is cool.
4) they were out of orange juice at teh drink dispenser at the internet cafe
5) this one is kinda funny too. 2 days ago, I was walking home and was around my mansion (thats the english translation of the word) when I saw 2 girls playing badminton. I was going that direction anyway, so I kept walking. they saw me and started to walk the other way. I kept going in my direction, which was right where they were, they kept walking away. then, I took the stairs back to my house. yesterday, I went outside and saw a nice old woman who lives downstairs from me playing with her granddaughter and these two girls, I went down and said hello to the woman, who introduced me to all of them. I now have a bunch of new friends who live in my mansion. here is the bum thing. they said we had sort of met yesterday, they were teh girls playing badminton, and I said oh yes i remember, they said they had kept walking away and asked if I was scary. yes (sobs). apparently, you dont get alot of foreigners in this part of the city.
6) last bum, then I will go meet hidetoshi. I was at teh park yesterday watching this little girl learn how to ride a bike. her mother would push her for someways and then let go, but the girl was having trouble. I went down and said that they needed to raise the seat a little bit so that the stronger muscles could pedal, as she was having trouble getting pedalling. they raised the seat and not to much later, the little girl succedded in riding. I cant believe I forgot to take a picture. bummer. I went down and congratulated her, and of course she was extatic, and said thankyouthankyouthankyouetc, as did the rest of her family, but they heartwarming part, was when she and her parents bowed as they siad thankyou. i cant believe I forgot to take a picture. her little brother was riding his trainwheels happily around the park, and was also saying thankyou, probably just because the rest of the family was too. I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE. grrrrrr.

enough bum things, they weather is great, if hot



At 9:42 AM, Blogger yr ma said...

Oh Peter,

What an adorable story about the bike lesson. It makes me think of the Allen Say book about the soldiers, remember? Don't worry about the picture. I got it.

love you, mom

p.s. today is egg drop and Ren faire at MLC. Nice day for it.

At 11:24 PM, Anonymous old fat dad said...

yeah, great stories, really. The important pictures are the ones inside your head. I like that live in a mansion, why can't I? And, I'm really looking forward to the next CD of pics. good work on getting 3meg pics on it/them. How's Hidetoshi, please say hi from us.



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