Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Golden Week

It is Golden Week here in Japan, which is the week chock full of holidays which means no school which means I am bored which means I finally have some time to catch up on some posting. Then I will go do something exciting when it gets later in the day.
Japan is without a doubt the land of juxaposition. I took some pictures at Yasukuni of a little old house with a woman dressed for a tea ceremony (I didnt get to watch. suck!) and in the background is this enormous building.
I met with my counselor yesterday, we talked about all sorts of stuff, he asked alot about how I was doing, he kept apologizing about the whole family situation, we siad I will have a new family in a couple weeks, and can move in with them sometime next month, something about the first one being a kind of transition family. I dunno, it was kinda boring. While we were chatting on the 8th floor of this building in Tokyo, an earthquake hit!!!!!!! wheeeeeeee! it was a 4 on the ricther scale, which was pretty fun. hmm, whatelse. i didnt ask him about a cellphone (they original told us 6 months, but my host families phone broke, so mabye sooner), I dont really care, but I think it would be nice to have one as everyone is asking if I have one. I missed my favorite TV show because we talked for like 90 minutes, more on the show in a minute.

fun picture #1 : see above
this is a picture I took outside, of all places, a bike shop. the text at the bottom of the sign says
"Finest your life with Honey or BICYCLE"
can you say Cervelo r3?



At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Aaron said...

I dunno peter, what about a Colnago C50? Oh wait, I guess your not in Italy...

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