Tuesday, May 16, 2006


just a little thing, but i saw the best looking female I have seen since i got here today. we were on the train, and a couple minutes before my stop, I had the guts to tell her that I liked her earrings, though that wasnt all that was really really amazing about her. we talked for the rest of train ride, and she and i get off at the same stop! hot shit! she is a hair stylist in Harajuku, which is where the Bopeep women are, and she goes to a stylist school in Kokubunji. She had really sweet shoes, really sweet earrings, a shirt of amazing color, and a cool hair cut. speaking of hair, my modelling gig is on the 28th, not the 21st. i will tell you more about it when i know some more. so here is what happened. when i was chillin with the other exchange students in Roppongi, the errand that we ran was to a salon. Anya, who had the appointment there, told us to wait outside for a minute. she went in, and came back a couple minutes later telling us that it might take a minute, and that we should come in too. so, I was the next one in the door, and as soon as i walked in teh door, everybody in teh place goes quite. they all stared at me, or more properly, my hair. my lucious blond hair which has been teh object of a lot of stares (a group of middle school girls walked up to me once and said in very broken english "hair...touch" i think that is the only time someone was asked to怀play with my hair) so, we all were in the salon, and the guy at the counter asked if I would model too. how cool is that. I will just be an extra, but i hope that I atleast get a hair cut out of it. can you say saving 60 bucks?

I bought some purple pants yesterday. Im talking with WYS tonight about a cellphone.



At 12:40 AM, Blogger yr ma said...

Dear Peter,

You have a magnetic personality, and also, It seems, magnetic hair. Sounds like fun. I used to get free hair cuts in Paris by letting the stylists practice on me. It can be lots of fun, and I hope you like the results.

Thank you for trying to wish me a happy mother's day.

love, mom

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous dash said...

You should model for bike companies. Also check your email. -D

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous The Stad said...

Wicked sick peter! Get those ladies!

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