Monday, April 03, 2006

Weather and a bike ride

The weather here is just plain silly. A couple days ago it was really cold and windy. The next day it was really warm, then it was cold again, then it rained, now it is absolutely beautiful, warm, and the wind is blowing at about 25 miles an hour. everything is getting knocked over. It is nuts.
Iwent for a bike ride yesterday, it was fun. I will try to ride to my school some time this week. I start school on the 6th but i have lost all sense of time since i got here.


At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Neal said...


What's this about no daughter? What about your plans? Haha. Glad to hear everything is going well-- today is the last day of spring break here, which sort of ruins the sunday and takes my mind off my prayers (I prayed an infinite number of times less today than I did last sunday, or any other day). I'll have to send you an email sometime later when I have more time (like when I don't want to do a scheffler lab), but i have to go to dinner now. Have fun with those Japaneese women, but don't do anything you'd regret (so, keep the number of children under 10).

Talk to you later

At 11:16 AM, Blogger yr ma said...

It must be hard to cycle when it is so windy/rainy.

As for a trial run to your school, have you asked your family about the route? What will you do if you get lost?

Do you get comments about your bike? Are you seeing other cyclists in your neighborhood? Is it like China, where you see lots of mothers and grandfathers taking children to school?

Good job writing often to your blog site. I love reading it.

yr ma


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