Monday, April 03, 2006


see above. I rode to Tachikawa today to the bike shop. That place is cheap. It is about 120 yen to the dollar. This place had tufo cross tubulars for 3000 yen. i wish i had had some more money on me. bike parts seem really cheap here. some of them anyway. 8 dollar tubes? no thanks. 12 dollar vittoria road tubulars? sweet. I asked the guys about commuting by bike everyday from my house to my school. It is about 15 to 20 miles. it is possible, but they didnt know how to do it. oh well, i will explore tomorrow. school starts on thursday, I dont have my uniform yet, i will call WYS today or tomorrow and ask about it. After my ride I walked into the next town over which is where the train station is. it is about 15 or 20 minutes. found a tasty place to eat. the people were very nice and i had a nice chat with them. there was also a chinese woman in the shop and we talked. then just before I was leaving, an english teacher walked in, she was japanese but, I had some pleasant chatting, and am proud that I can chat like that. I just finished off my trader joes chocolate covered espresso beans. bummer. japanese chocolate is ok, but i will cry when i finish off my droste dark chocolate pastilles. mmmmmmmmm. not much else to say. it is almost exactly 5 miles from my house to the bike shop, which is nice, but cycling in japan just feels really weird. I have only seen about 3 people over the age of 3 wearing helmets as they rode, and one of them was me in a mirror. There are mirrors everywhere in japan, but they are all at little street corners so that you can see if anyone is coming. good idea. Im diggin it here. ask me questions, I will try to answer. I am also still working on getting this picture thing sorted out. maybe I should sneak my usb cable into the internet place and uplad some pictures. speaking of sneaking pictures, I took some pictures at keirin, but a guard saw me and told me not too. bummer. I watched hot girls eating lots of food yesterday on TV. It was an eating contest. Holy shit those girls could eat. I doubt that I could eat that much even if I wasnt timed. 118 deep friend shimp in 45 minutes? damn. she was hot too. speaking of hot girls, the guy at the restaurant said that I would be swamped when I get to school. man, things sure are different here in japan.



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